November 1, 2023
Treaty Simulation – Few words from the youth perspective

Edition #11 – November 2023

“This event brings me closer to better understanding leadership and our rights as Inuit…this is just the beginning for a brighter future for our future generation.”

From one of the participants

Hi, my name is Janice Parsons, and I’m here to share my experience with the first-ever treaty simulation that took place here in my hometown, Kuujjuaq, in October 2022. It was an incredible, unforgettable, beautiful moment for youth and myself to listen to such outstanding leaders of our Nunavik region who continue to work tremendously hard for our rights as Inuit today. It may sometimes sound easy to sit in front of both governments, federal and provincial when it comes to negotiations, but I learned it could be very challenging. You have to be fluent, understanding, and get straight to the point when negotiating with both parties. I look forward to learning more and growing from this event, staying on top of what’s happening within our communities from our leaders in hopes of becoming a great leader myself one day. It was also my first time chairing a meeting during this event. According to the advisors (Nunavik leaders) and the translators, I was a natural. JANICE PARSONS President of Qarjuit Youth Council

“I believe that the youth do not know much about the JBNQA,” Kowcharlie said. “It’s not in our curriculum in high school.” “It will give youth in the region an opportunity to learn a little bit about it.” Even though the agreement has been in effect for more than four decades, Kowcharlie said that a lot of young people in Nunavik aren’t aware of its impact on the region, and don’t learn about its weight until they attend post-secondary education at Nunavik Sivunitsavut in the Montreal area. 

LINDA KOWCHARLIE Hudson Board of Director  

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