QYC is mandated to organize several events yearly, such as a general assembly to present and discuss the Annual Report and financial statements. In other words, it is a time to sit all together with youth and to be totally transparent about what is going on in the organization and looking forward to what we collectively want to accomplish in the future, while connecting, listening and learning from each other’s experiences throughout a diverse range of workshops, activities and presentations.

“I am grateful that Ivujivik, my little community that doesn’t get many opportunities to host large meetings, finally had the chance to receive youth from all over our beautiful land of Nunavik. I am proud of my team for the hard work they have done to make it a success because it’s not easy to plan big events, especially in small communities. Qarjuit Youth Council made it happen and it is certainly an event that I will never forget and always carry in my heart (all the events we do are dear to me, but I think you can understand that it was special for me to welcome QYC to my community instead of traveling to another).”
– Elisapie Lamoureux (former Hudson Strait representative)

Stay tuned for the next AGM edition that will take place on Hudson Coast in Inukjuak and for the upcoming elder’s and youth retreat in kangiqsualujjuaq. 




    , understand that as a participant of an event of Qarjuit Youth Council I must abide by the guidelines below. Further, I understand that my failure to comply with these guidelines may result in my being sent home at my own expense.

    1. I will abide by the rules, curfews, and guidelines set by the Qarjuit Youth Council.

    2. I will not drink alcohol or take non-prescribed drugs during the event.

    3. I will attend each day meeting, discussions and activities and make proper arrangements to be on time for my travel itinerary. If I’m responsible for missing my flight, it may result in repaying it at my own expenses.

    4. I will not bring alcohol or non-prescribed drugs into the hotel/home in which I will be staying.

    5. I agree to be personally liable and responsible for any damages and complaints during my accommodations (hotel/home) which may result in repaying at my own expense. Any cost incurred outside of my accommodation due to damage will be the responsibility of myself and/or parents/guardians.

    6. I agree to abide by the rules of the hotel/home in which I will be staying.
      I agree to be respectful of all peers and locations at all time. I agree to treat fellow delegates, QYC staff, volunteers and guests with respect.

    By signing this agreement, I confirm that I have read, understood and agreed to all of the guidelines.