Local Youth Action Funding

The Local Youth Action Funding is accessible all year long for you, to start your local project now in your community.

Thanks to the Secrétariat à la jeunesse, the Local Youth Actions Funding (LYAF) is a $150,000 grant available to the 14 communities of Nunavik and Chisasibi to encourage youth to start local initiatives for their fellow youth. The LYAF supports and promotes projects targeting youth aged 15 to 35 that transfer Inuit culture, build self-esteem, develop leadership skills, enhance everyday life or share information and educational opportunities.

QYC is in charge of structuring the LYAF, assisting youth in the application process, distributing the funding and making sure each funded project is accountable.

To apply for funding, email us at project.manager@qarjuit.cato receive the Application Form or follow the instructions below.

Check out this video to get all information about this local accessible fund.


Practice Throat Singing


This project is meant to teach and practice throat singing with youth. Every week, after school youth usually come for practice throat singing with professional singers and animators. They even get to perform, as well as learn about their culture while keeping this wonderful Inuit traditional skill alive.

Cultural Trip to Toronto


The English and French teachers of Isummasaqvik want to give secondary 4 and 5 students the opportunity to work toward a trip to Toronto in the spring. Many of them have shown great interest in visiting Canada’s biggest metropolis. This project is a way to keep students engaged in school until the end of the year. Collaborating with students on planning, organizing, and fundraising for this project will prove to be a highly motivating thread to carry through the year and to finish high school. They are responsible for raising a significant amount of fundraising toward their goal. The desired result of guiding their fundraising efforts is to develop and nourish organizational skills, responsibility, motivation, self-esteem, and belonging. Morale, energy, motivation, and hope are seemingly at an all-time low for many. We want to give them a big project to dream about, to take responsibility for, and ultimately, to realize together.

Training Camp Counselors


This project aims to plan and organize a camp by training young camp counselors on how to run a successful summer camp. For two years now, there’s been a two-week training program before the camp starts, as well as another two-week during summer. This training gives them knowledge and guidance on best practices. This project benefits the youth participating in the camp, as well as the young counselors to have an amazing summer camp experience.

Nukariit 2.0


Nukariit has been a successful ongoing project (funded by Qarjuit) since 2019. The mission is to offer teenage girls aged 12 to18 a safe space where they can learn and develop social, cultural, and life skills, as well as creating a space where they can socialize, increase their self-esteem, and develop a sense of community. This project also aims to promote positive life habits and address different topics related to adolescence while having fun. Activities include self-care nights, yoga, cooking, therapeutic activities like mandalas, breathing techniques and emotional management activities. Some other activities include sexual education, storytelling, fishing, and more.

Dogsledding Tour


This project is meant to inspire and teach students about dogsledding, a precious Inuit tradition. Youth have the chance to go on dogsled tours on the land and learn directly from the dogsled owners. This project is also a way to support and encourage the dogsled owners to keep this tradition alive.


What is the Local Youth Action Funding (LYAF)?

The LYAF supports and promotes local grassroots projects targeting youth aged 15 to 35 years old that: create opportunities to get involved and take action at the local grassroots level; transfer Inuit identity, culture and ancestral heritage; build self-esteem, confidence and self-expression; develop entrepreneurship by acting on their own ideas; enhance life skills information and education.

What are eligible costs I can apply for?
  • Food or per diems (Daily rate of $100.00/person (North) and $85.00/person (South)
  • Professional fees and honorariums
  • Transport rental (Max. $125.00/day)
  • Room rental (i.e. conference room)
  • Travel costs (Travel costs might be reimbursed only if they are regional itineraries in Nunavik & Chisasibi territory. Flights to southern destinations will not be accepted.)
  • Accommodation costs (Max. of $250.00/night/person (North) and $125.00/night/person (South))
  • Training costs
  • Administration expenses (mailing, printing, etc.)
  • General material and equipment
How can I get support applying to the LYAF?

For any questions concerning the LYAF or for assistance, please contact the QYC team at fund@qarjuit.ca or by phone at 819 964-1127 and/or 514 691-1193 (QYC Project Manager).

May I apply for funding if I am a local youth committee, independent group, student council or any other unregistered organizations?

Yes, but you will have to partner with a duly incorporated eligible local community organization to receive payments (ex. NV, coop, etc.)

How can you receive funds for your local project?

Fill out the Annex 1 (Project Application Form) and the Annex 2 (Project Supporters List) and send both documents back to fund@qarjuit.ca, by fax at 819 964-3153 or by mail at P.O. Box 1300, Kuujjuaq, Quebec, J0M 1C0.

Please, make sure to receive a confirmation receipt from QYC otherwise call us for follow-up.

When can I apply to the LYAF?

All the time. You can send your application at any moment throughout the year. Our team is indeed processing the applications 3 times a year.

What are non-eligible costs and expenditures?

Expenses such as purchase of a motor vehicle that can be licensed, representation costs, donations, sponsorship, infrastructure, salaries or honorariums for project participants or Board members, payment of an accumulated deficit, are not eligible.

Is my project eligible to receive funds from QYC?

To be eligible, your project must tackle one of several goals mentioned in Q1. Moreover, in order to deposit the money, QYC will require an official registration number from the Quebec province. Eligible applicants for funding requests are: Non-for-profit, incorporated organizations, Cooperatives, Municipalities/Northern Villages, etc.

What is the maximum financial assistance I can receive for my project?

Generally, a maximum of 10 000$ per project with a dedicated total budget envelope of $150,000.00 for all 15 communities we represent.

What can I expect in terms of the payment process?
A direct deposit or a check will be sent to successful applicants upon signature of the contract. Cash will not be sent under any circumstances.

A first payment representing 70  % of the approved funding will be sent to the organization within 30 days after the project is accepted.

The 30  % balance shall conditional on the reception of:

  • All invoices for the amount of the grant, that include all expenses;
  • A copy of all expenses receipts.
  • The ANNEX IV- End of Project Report as well as some photos showing the project outcomes.