This challenge is linked to life celebration, in addition to mental well-being promotion.

The goal of this campaign is to inform youth about mental wellness and to encourage them to take daily small actions to improve their health and help people around them.
These wellness tasks help youth have a better understanding of different actions they can take to feel better physically and mentally. Promoting physical and mental health is really important.

What is expected
This campaign is a way to inform and destigmatize, as well as an opportunity to encourage Youth to take action for their well-being and build their self-confidence, while bringing on social media, a wave of positivity. The expected outcomes are to share information to youth about how to prioritize their mental health, giving simple examples of what they could potentially integrate in their daily routine.
We encouraged youth making a short video or a text post to encourage others to join the challenge. Every action is posted on our #qarjuityouthcouncil Facebook page as well as on our Tik Tok page.

Next edition: May 2024

Daily actions

Your voice matters. We are curious to hear your ideas.

Write to us and support us improving this campaign.