​​#BeTheSpark desires to spread positivity, pride and love in Nunavik.
It starts with you! Join the movement !

This challenge is a self-esteem campaign that aims to help youth self-identify accomplishments for themselves and others. It is meant to demonstrate that even the smallest gesture and accomplishment counts when it makes you proud!

What is expected
People are invited to share an accomplishment from themselves or a youth they know. They can post positive and motivational messages or videos on social medias with the #bethespark or go here filling out an easy form: (please see the form)

Next edition: March 2025

Our former Sparks!

Janice Parsons

Call to participants – join the movement !

Alison Mesher

Alison, QYC Vice-President, is sharing her spark for this 2024 Be the spark campaign.

Janice Parsons

Listen to Janice, QYC President, talking about how she is proud of herself and the youth! Let’s be proud of ourselves and share pride and love. Join the #bethespark movement!  

William Ningiuruvik

William, Secretary-Treasurer for QYC, participated to 2024 be the spark campaign; be part of the movement too, share your pride!

Jessica Arngak

Jessica, Elder’s Representative for QYC is sharing her pride.

Levina Arngak

Levina is our newly Hudson Strait Board of Director in the Council. Listen to her voice and get inspire! 

Catherine Leblanc Oweetaluktuk

Spark Name

Someone I know

I started working at Isuarsivik as a Recovery Counsellor (Trainee) in 2022. In one year, I have grown and evolved in many different ways. I have gained many new skills through on-the-job training, workshops and the ACS program I am enrolled in at Marie Victorian College. However, my biggest accomplishment was to learn how to light a Qullik. I was guided by two amazing proud Inuit women who supported and empowered me to try and I gained the confidence in my ability and I can now light the Qullik with pride and a great sense of accomplishment. (Photo by Samuel legace)

Rose Victoria Adams

My name is Rose Victoria Adams, I live in Montreal but I am originally from Kuujjuaq, Nunavik. I graduated with two law degrees from McGill University in 2021, and was officially sworn in as a lawyer in July 2022. I have since then been working as a lawyer at Dionne Schulze, a law firm which practices Aboriginal Peoples’ law. I help Indigenous communities throughout the province with their different legal needs. While I live in a big city, I am fortunate enough to come back to Kuujjuaq a few times a year to visit my family. There is nothing I value more than when my family members take me out on the land and I get to remember why I work so hard to fight for our lands, culture and rights.
I nominate Curtis Mesher.

Shelton Nipisar

My name is Shelton Nipisar and I am from Arviat, Nunavut. My hometown has around 3,000 residents. That population speaks their first language in 95% of cases. Our culture is unique, which makes me happy to be an Inuk. My understanding of my identity has improved thanks to my ability to understand our language. Currently, I study full-time. In Nunatta Campus’ student council, I am serving in my second term as the Vice-President. The board of directors at Qaggiavuut has elected me as their new Vice-Chairperson recently. Next month, our second year at the interpreter translator program will come to an end, so I’m proud of myself and my classmates for getting this far.”

Siasi Audlaluk

Spark Name

Someone I know

An accomplishment of mine is getting Inuit traditional tattoos with the Stick and Poke method by a really good friend of mine to start the year 2023. Ever since I graduated at Nunavik Sivunitsavut in 2021, I have been so proud of myself for how far I have come and learned so much throughout my journey. From creating unforgettable memories with friends,working hard and consistency, dealing with depression and anxiety, learning how to sew an Atigik (Inuit traditional parka), catching my first animals, discovering new places and most of all, spreading kindness.


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– An accomplishment you’ve done (can be anything! small or big) and why it makes you proud.

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