Mobilize youth from the grassroots level and support them leading their own initiatives and programs that suit their needs and dreams.

Upcoming Regional Consultation Tour
QYC wants to create relationships between youth members and Board of directors during an unprecedented regional tour and consultation allowing our organization to get a realistic pulse on Inuit youth priorities, dreams and ideas. This consultation tour will allow the organization to prepare a new Strategic Action Plan for the upcoming years, while promoting Qarjuit Youth Council’s mandate and projects.

Annual Networking Youth Tour
Following a high demand for Qarjuit to travel to each of the communities to see firsthand the realities, needs and particularities across the region, to create an efficient contact flow between the communities and the organization, and to build a regional network of youth, our organization is planning every year a Regional Youth Networking Tour along the Board of Directors team. It’s an opportunity for Qarjuit’s Directors to discuss with the youth about opportunities, address many topics, and talk about available resources and upcoming projects.

Youth Perspective and Recommendations

Taking into consideration that the suicide rate for youth is particularly high, mental health services should be much more accessible than anywhere else in the province, but looking at the current facts, it is indeed the opposite.

Mental health and educational resources are lacking in the communities and initiatives are needed to get more culturally relevant educational and mental health tools in Inuktitut, reinforcing the Inuit culture and identity.

1. Strengthen Inuktitut programming for youth;

2. Support Inuit-led initiatives in mental health;

3. Foster relationships between indigenous and non-indigenous people;

4. Empower Inuit by creating education materials enabling them to learn in their mother tongue;

5. Make appropriate safe places accessible where youth can gather and learn;

6. Engage youth in building leadership skills by supporting activities and workshops connecting with the land and traditions;

7. Hire local resources;

Coming Regional Consultation Tour planned for January 2024!

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