May 1, 2022
Youth Political Representation

Edition #10 – May 2022

Susie-Anne Kudluk representing Inuit Youth on behalf of Qarjuit Youth Council and National Inuit Youth Council at the Inuit-Crown Partnership Committee, Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami and Inuit Circumpolar Council board meetings in Ottawa back in April of 2022. 

Words from the vice-president on her experience

“ It was such a riveting experience to have been able to meet Justin Trudeau during my time in Ottawa for the Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami, Inuit Circumpolar Council and Inuit-Crown Partnership Committee board meetings back in April of 2022 I am very grateful for Qarjuit Youth Council for giving me the opportunity to advocate on behalf of Inuit youth within our region. It is very important to me that we as youth come together and voice our issues. WE ARE THE FUTURE, and it is about time that we get our voices heard! Nakursavarjuaqunga Qarjuit kuni ilaugia pijunnaniqartuinaugatta pigasuattsaniaqattalangavugut! uvvikkauqatikkanit kajungirsaivunga ilaunirsauqujittsunga timiujunit inuugia upigusukkunga pinasuarumattsungalu inuit sivumuarnirilangajanganut nunarjuami 


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