December 17, 2023
General 2023 Election

Each year, all James Bay Northern Quebec Agreement (JBNQA) beneficiaries aged 15 to 35 years old are called on to vote.

This year, 2 positions were filled by acclamation. QYC was looking to elect a Vice-President, 2 Hudson Strait Representatives and there was 1 candidate for Vice-President seat, and 1 candidate for Hudson Strait Representative seats. As it stands now, there is a vacancy for 1 position representing the Hudson Strait coast.

The elections were held on October 11, 2023, and the Call for Nominations which must be at least 20 working days before the Election date according to QYC by-laws, was launched on September 13, 2023 via Facebook and also local and reginal radio announcements.

Ms. Alison Mesher, 28 years old from Kuujjuaq, Qc. and Lena Ezekiel, 31 years old From Quaqtaq, Qc were acclaimed since they were the only nominations for this year’s elections. Ms. Mesher has the Vice-President seat until October 2026 and Ms. Ezekiel the Hudson Strait Representative seat also until October 2026.

Finally, Ms. Elena Mesher, from Kuujjuaq will soon be joining the Board after her maternity leave since last November, and she will be representing the Ungava coast, with Ms. Anita Annanack, until October 2025.

Special thank you to Ms. Megan Gordon who was hired as Chief Returning Officer on September 9, 2023 to manage externally all the election process.

Our organization is very pleased with its new dynamic leadership team and we are hopeful and excited for the future of our organization!

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