November 1, 2023
Upcoming Regional Consultation Tour

Edition #12 – November 2024

QYC is coming to you!

Did you know that Qarjuit Youth Council is planning a regional youth consultation tour soon? The latest consultations the Council held were back in September 2019, along two complete days of activities. A total of 30 youth participated, representing the 14 communities of Nunavik and Chisasibi. The event was organized in Quaqtaq with the support of Exeko[CM1] . The first ever consultations QYC planned were in 2016, in order to establish the youth priorities of the Council. We generally tend to hold consultations every three-four years to revisit our main priorities. Indeed, this gathering with youth is also useful to continue building bridges with our members while hearing about their needs, concerns and ideas in order to make them reflected in the work we do on a daily basis. As expected, this coming January 2024 will be time for Qarjuit to touch base with youth throughout the region, by holding our third round of consultations and making sure we reflect the youth vision at the grassroots level along the growth and the development of QYC, as we start our 9th year!

Qarjuit exists, as you know, to represent the voice of Inuit youth, aged 15 to 35 from throughout Nunavik and Chisasibi. This means we aim to represent approximately 4 400 youth. In the past, when we held consultations, we had to select a specific number of participants allowed to travel to this important event. The selection based on the youth interest was made upon the reception of an application form. Usually, 2 youth from each community were invited to come which, unfortunately is not enough to represent the diverse range of youth issues in each community. This year, QYC decided to do things differently by holding an unprecedented regional tour. Starting in January 2024, our Board of Directors, along with our Executives will have the chance to go along the three coastal areas we aim to advocate for.

What is a consultation and how can I get involved?

A consultation is made to create a safe space with youth where there are robust discussions and reflection. Specific questions will be asked in order to make you reflect on what grounds you, what are your skills and knowledge, what are your dreams and hopes on a smaller and larger scale, etc. Using a variety of games, activities and discussions, we want to hear you and make sure, what we determine as priorities for the next few years within QYC, are indeed your priorities.

2016 Priorities

·  Mental health

·  Education

·  Intergenerational relationship and culture

·  Youth network

2019 Priorities

·  Mental health

·  School perseverance

·  Inuit identity

·  Youth network

Are these priorities still resonating with you? Are they reflecting the daily work you want QYC to engage in? Are there any other important needs you would like our team to focus on? This is the kind of conversation we want to engage in with a maximum of youth in each of the community. We can only have a powerful and relevant impact toward all levels of government – regional, provincial and national – l, by knowing your opinions, by hearing your voices and ideas and by making sure that we share it out loud, ensuring that actions are taken to improve the quality of your lives.

Stay tuned for more information about the upcoming QYC regional consultation!

Caroline Martel 

Photo creds: Photo taken in Quaqtaq during our latest Consultation in 2019

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