June 11, 2024
A Few Words from The New Board Members


Vice-President [former]

Ai inuuqatikkai! Quvianaq!

First and foremost, I would like to thank Qarjuit Youth Council for the opportunity to be a part of the team to advocate for youth of Nunavik, what an honour! I was acclimated in October of 2023 and now sitting in the Vice- Presidential seat.

My name is Alison Mesher, 29, born and raised in Kuujjuaq. I have two beautiful children. I am very passionate about regaining traditional skills, working with youth and advocating for Inuit rights. I am currently 5 years sober and I am proud of this accomplishment because we can too easily be influenced by our peers to do what is often normalized. I share this in hopes of inspiring youth to break cycles of addiction because there is so much more in life to explore.

I also have interests that include traditional hand poke/stitch tattooing, camping, fishing, dog sledding and traveling amongst many other things. My past and current experiences: I’ve worked at the school here in Kuujjuaq, worked with the summer camps and have also worked at the Isuarsivik Regional Recovery Centre as the youth service coordinator. I also currently sit on many boards such as, Daycare, Saqijuq and the local Recreation committee.

My hope for Nunavik is that the youth take pride in who they are and where they come from. I would also love to see youth excel in what they’re passionate about, to take risks and strive for what they believe in. Life is precious and so are you.


Hudson Strait Board of Directors

Hi my name is Levina Arngak. I live in Kangirsujuaq.

I am new to be a part of board of directors in Qarjuit representing Hudson strait. And I work for Kativik Ilisarniliriniq as secondary Inuktitut teacher.

What I would want to see in the future for youth are more opportunities in their communities that stay there forever for the youth not just one-time thing like one-time training.

To be able to be open to youth for their opportunities. Like sports, what they love to do to have a career in something they love to do in their lifetime. And to figure out before heading to big things ahead, to be prepared for their future.

I want to see youth actually doing things that they love to do because they have good ideas, and they can do whatever they want. And I know they can take actions!

Because we only can have what we want when we take actions not just talk about it but to take action!

Never giving up is the key to life and I want all the youth to know it. Anyone can do anything even when we think we can’t. Always share what you think, it can help someone. Don’t be shy because shyness doesn’t talk. Anyone can be anything remember that. And anything can be fixed even when it’s broken just have to find a way to fix it. And be very patient. I’m hopeful to be a part of the movement!


Ungava – Board of Directors

My dreams and Aspirations for the youth of Nunavik

Ai, my name is Elena Mesher, I’m from Kuujjuaq.

My dreams for the youth are to be able to have a safe place to go and be free to express themselves. A place where there can be workshops on cultural projects and to share traditional knowledge.

I feel like we forget how important it is when we are young. It is a form of reconnecting to our Inuit heritage and finding ourselves, who we are and figuring out what we like to do.

With the help from Qarjuit, we can bring these amazing opportunities to life.

I would also love to see open spaces for youth to come, learn and join in on different knowledge sharing projects. There is so much to learn out there and to have a place where they are able to come and have open conversations on different subjects is a huge revelation for our youth.

Striving for a brighter future, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with your local representative or Qarjuit youth council for any ideas you may have. We would love to give a helping hand in making your dreams a reality. We are here; you are not alone. You miss 100 % of the opportunities you don’t take, so take the chance when it comes your way.


Elder’s representative

My name is Jessica Arngak. I am from Kangirsujuaq (Nunavik), a community where my family and I had to move in the early sixties. I have grown up in a traditional way. After my teenage years, as a young adult, I started to work in our local school. I did a number of jobs at the school board for more than 30 years. At my retirement I got involved in numerous organizations and I am still a member of : Justice Committee, « Good Touch Bad Touch » (sexual abuse), QARJUIT. I am also a member of the municipal council (acting mayor).

My dream is to see today’s children growing up well in a safe environment where there is no room for bullying.

I want them to look at adults and see them as role models; adults they can trust and exchange with.

Nowadays, our children have the chance to learn in so many different ways. They look so smart and they master very well the new technology. I wish they stay in school, continue to speak their own language (Inuktitut) and practice their traditional culture, and I hope one day our youth will take back the control of the Nunavik we want to have.

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