Jun 12, 2024

A note of appreciation from Janice Parsons

I am grateful to the Arctic Winter Games host society, Kativik Regional Government, and Makivvik for allowing me to witness the exceptional talent and sheer determination of our youth at the forefront of the games in Alaska. Throughout the entire week, I was filled with a range of emotions and felt a strong sense of pride. This experience has further reinforced my belief in the strength and resilience of the youth of Nunavik. The pin trading reminded me of the old traditions when money didn’t exist in our communities. I made a wonderful friend who trades used earrings to continue embracing the beauty of indigenous handcraft rather than leaving them to dust. To this day, I still feel the excitement and team spirit as we cheer for team Nunavik Quebec. Your hard work and dedication towards the games are truly inspiring! Hold this memory with pride and let this be the guiding light wherever life takes you, reminding you of your inner strength and resilience!