Recap on the Be The Spark Campaign – March 2024

Jun 12, 2024

The Be The Spark campaign was back for three weeks this past March! This is an amazing opportunity to spread positivity on social media by sharing someone you are genuinely proud of and nominating someone to join this positive movement! I believe in this campaign because I have seen some negative posts by my peers, which have caused me anxiety and depression. However, I decided to step back from social media, and it has provided me with some clarity. I feel more aware, positive, and energized. I sleep better, and I’m more focused and ready to take on the day with positive energy! I am proud of myself for making this decision, and I don’t regret it! It’s amazing how much positivity we can bring into our lives by sharing and celebrating the success of others. Let’s continue spreading love and positivity! During our face-to-face meeting, Nicholas from Montreal professionally recorded us to help promote Be The Spark. Additionally, with a little extra, our team did a fun and inspiring TikTok trend with the music “Still Dre,” inspired by the Whapmagoostui First Nation’s Youth Council!

  • Pisitiuvunga latuinnangimmat Isumavut. Piungituit katasairasuttuit isumattini aulatsirasummata taimangat. Sometimes we are our worst enemies, but there will have to come a time when we need to be kind to ourselves. To let in the light that is meant to shine on us. True healing and true happiness come when we can finally learn about our needs and know our limits and our worth. As Inuit kids we focus a lot on what other people think, so I say don’t be afraid to be different, focus on your uniqueness. Also, we are so much more than just resilience. We are meant to be wild and free and be whoever we want to be. Atjiungittuuni qanuingituq, piujuq!


As an Inuk, I am proud of who I am. My eyes see what others cannot, my hands create beauty, and my heart is limitless. My feet carry me through mountains, rain, snow, and fog to chase after what brings me joy – Nature, country food & the skins and bones of animals. I am a person of strength, resilience, and beauty. I am proud of myself, and I will continue to chase after my dreams. Now go back and read that again, strong, resilient beauty, Inuk!

Janice Parsons

  • Be honest with your feelings, whether you are feeling sad or feeling happy. I want you to know that all your feelings matter and no one can tell you how differently you should feel. You are important to our region. You will inspire someone even if it is in the smallest ways, but those small impacts could change the world for someone, and you will never know. Much love

Alison Mesher