May 1, 2022
Elder’s Interview SARAH  HUNTER from Kuujjuaraapik, Qc.

Edition #10 – May 2022

What is your advice to the youth today?
“I’ll be talking because of my experience. Not everyone thinks the same or has same effect from their experience. Talk to people you trust, even if it’s hard. Talk how you’re feeling about what you’re experiencing. Say how they make you feel. Also, I experienced alcohol for many years and thought that was THE LIFE! But I know now it wasn’t. Doing it for a while is ok. But when it starts to become your life, ITS NOT OK!

It’s better not to start. And take care of you for you. You have an everlasting soul to take care of. Watch your mouth. Tainma this time. Edison failed over a thousand times before the lightbulb. Try again. Don’t give up.” What is the big lifestyle difference you can tell between youth and elders today? “We were told not to make a person get angry. Don’t make the person feel cornered or no good, always respect elders, even if the person is few years older than you. When you get advice even if you heard it before maybe that advice will start you thinking. I couldn’t even look at people in the eye. It’s like challenging them.” What do you want to see for the youth in the future? “I want youth to embrace our culture and language, don’t lose your language, I’ve known people that have lost theirs. They miss so much because translation doesn’t always work. If there’s culture things going on you will have something to give your children. When you feel negative try to change your negative thoughts as soon as you can. Don’t give up, things never stay the same! You are so much braver than us. Keep it up. We were not in a place not like yours, especially our parents. They did their best.” If you guys have anymore questions, let me know!


Board of Directors – Hudson Rep.

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