May 1, 2022
Elder’s Interview – SARA TUTUTTUK from Ivujivik – Hudson Strait

Edition #10 – May 2022

What is your advice to the youth today?

I want youth to learn how to speak their mother tongue and also learn about the Inuit culture and the land .

What is the big lifestyle difference you can tell between youth and elders today?

Youth are not speaking enough in Inuktitut. Some try to look or be a non-Inuk. They would rather use non-Inuit goods. Some don’t even bother trying to have Inuit goods. I also want youth to ask more. I find they don’t ask enough questions about anything to the elders nowadays.

What do you want to see for the youth in the future?

I want youth to take good care of their children. I don’t want them to be taken away from their parents. The ones that get taken away out of Nunavik lose their Inuk culture and way of life. I want all of us to work well on our Inuktitut language.

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