June 12, 2024

Science Fair 2024 – Ivujivik

This year, two teams from Nuvviti school in Ivujivik were regionally selected to represent Nunavik at the provincial indigenous science fair in Gatineau.

Genevieve Simigak and Elisapi Ainalik, grade 5 and 6 students, presented a project on natural insulation from the Arctic. They showed that a vegetation called maniq (moss), which is traditionally used to cover Qammaq (sodhouse), is the most effective. They also used fox fur out of curiosity along with snow, the fur was the warmest.

Ulluria Mangiok and Deseray Qaunaaluk (secondary 1) presented a project that had them explore our ability to identity objects by touch while our hands are cold or warm. Texts in syllabic and roman were used during the tests. Once people washed their hands in cold or hot water, they had to touch hidden words and identify their spelling.


French language teacher

Photo creds: Nuvviti School, Ivujivik

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