June 12, 2024

Since I became the Council’s interim President, we have faced many obstacles. The trust between one another became unbearable after facing some challenging unforeseen circumstances. Today, after a long wait, I feel like I’ve accomplished bringing back the positive spirit our members deserve as young individuals. Our dreams, hopes and wishes remain, and we are finally back to making them a reality while working together to bring back youth opportunities and projects and being the inspiring person they long to see within our peers. I’m sad my term ends this year in September, just when I am starting to get comfortable in politics and being in the field. Bringing youth voices everywhere I go and leaving a footprint on those I’ve impacted. I’ve attended many meetings, leaving family and friends behind and learning new skills. I now have a better understanding and respect for those serving for 40-plus years without ever giving up. I, too, wish I could conquer many more years to come. I want to express my gratitude to those who have graciously shared their wisdom and led me on my journey so far, and I eagerly embrace those who will continue to inspire me with their teachings. My life goal is to bring back the innocence of our children and youth. I long for fun educational opportunities, the career of my dreams, a good life with a registered retirement savings plan, a lovely family, a home and a safe, mobilized community. I wish that for everyone! Our youth members, including myself, have been pulled into bad habits, living the same old day-to-day life by barely keeping on. I want to see a positive change in our communities, and I want to see Inuit strive through determination while enhancing Inuit knowledge and language. No matter where I end up in life, I will always be a positive influence on the youth and future generations. Holla at me, join me for some coffee, braid my hair while I’m beautifully aged and bring funky bold colours like Manic Panic to dye my hair when I no longer need to damage my hair with bleach! Sew with me! I’m here & I will always be here for you!


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Uvikkait Ullumi is a newspaper that highlights youth achievements, initiatives and concerns in the region. This project also passes on relevant information and promotes plenty of opportunities in order to inspire and empower the younger generations to become more active in the region. The newspaper is offered in both Inuktitut and English.