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Application for Local Youth Actions Funding

The Local Youth Actions Funding (LYAF) is a $150,000 grant available to the 15 communities of Nunavik and Chisasibi to encourage youth to start local initiatives for their fellow youth. The LYAF supports and promotes projects targeting youth aged 15 to 35 that transfer Inuit culture, build self-esteem, develop leadership skills, enhance everyday life or share information and educational opportunities.

LYAF - Funding Eligibility criteria

LYAF - Funding Eligibility criteria

If your project meets the eligibility criteria of the LYAF, we strongly recommend you to submit a project for one of these call of projects. 

Download more information with our documents: 

LYAF - 2020 - Project Application

LYAF - 2020 - Step by Step Package

LYAF - 2020 - Supporting Signatures



If you have question or need assistance in filling out the Application Form, email us at or call us at 819 964-1127.

You can submit your application by filing out the information below and clicking submit.


A. Project manager contact information
B. Project information
C. Project description
(If Local, specify community, if regional write all communities)
Please list one of the following, or multiple if Age group varies. _________________________________ (0-12 y. old) - (12-18 y. old) - (19-25 y. old) - (26-35 y. old) - (36-50 y. old) - (51+ y . old)
D. Project values
E. Tell us about the project
F. Budget details
Write down the Expense categories and the amount budgeted. ------------------------------------------***Please Note, QYC will request a budget from your project, be sure to send one to QYC via Email/Fax***

Sponsorship Template, Budget Template, Invoice Template, Parental Approval Consent, Photo Release Form, Communication Plan Guidelines to Promote Project, Support to fill out additional funding request, or any other guidance or tools needed.
The 10 Supporting signature list is located near the top of this webpage for you to Download and Print.