Qarjuit Youth Council Events

CHISASIBI - September 28, 29 & 30

Accepting applications for our AGM in Chisasibi is now over as of Midnight September 16, 2021. We thank all who were able to apply. Qarjuit Youth Councils Annual General Meeting covers what QYC has done throughout the year. Our annual activities, social media campaigns, budget spending and if QYC is following our mandates and priorities. We invite board members and/or executives of organizations that QYC sits on to attend and hear the concerns of what youth have to say, the progress of QYC as well as how they could help better youth in Nunavik and Chisasibi. Each year, delegates attending our AGM around Nunavik and Chisasibi vote which community the next AGM will take place, which Chisasibi was voted at our last AGM. Qarjuit takes notes and listen to what youth have to say to help improve our organization and focus on priorities for the betterment of youth aged between 15 and 35 in Nunavik and Chisasibi.