General Elections - September 13, 2019

Be the change you want to see! Run for a position at Qarjuit Youth Council

Qarjuit Youth Council (QYC) is holding General Elections for Vice-President and Secretary-Treasurer full time positions at QYC. As well as three (3) Board of directors positions: Ungava Coast representative, Hudson Coast Representative and Hudson Strait Representative. Voting day will be on September 13, 2019 The Call for Nominations is OPEN now for beneficiaries aged between 18 to 35 from Nunavik and Chisasibi. You have until AUGUST 29 to apply! HOW TO APPLY: ✅ Find the application form at your local NV, on our facebook page or by email at ✅ Get 10 Youth to sign your application ✅ Go to the police station with 2 pieces of ID and request criminal record check ✅ Send us the application by taking a picture or scan to or messenger or Fax to 1-819-964-3153 - by August 29, 2019. That's it! - - POSITIONS AVAILABLE: RÔLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES BOARD OF DIRECTORS: (Ungava Coast Representative, Hudson Coast Representative and Hudson Strait Representative) Responsibilities: 6 conference calls a year / 1 or 2 Face-to-Face meetings / 1 Annual General Meeting / training opportunities / Regional Youth Tour Honorarium: 200$ per day on active duty Rôles: • Represent 5 communities with-in respective coast, and keeping record of concerns and needs in the communities • Vote on Resolutions for the Youth Council • Join in discussions, provide ideas - VICE-PRESIDENT: Full-time Position $60 000 /year • Act as the Chief Executive Officer of the Qarjuit Youth Council when the President is unable to perform his/her duties; • Assist in the Office to ensure the proper management of the office of the Qarjuit Youth Council and its staff; • Be up to date at all times of the Activities of the Qarjuit Youth Council; • Ensure implementation of the Office Procedures; • Act as the Chairperson of its meetings of the Executive Committee as we as its board of directors meetings when the President is unavailable; • Keep informed the Nunavik Youth Population of the activities of the Nunavik Youth Forum on a regular basis; • Keep informed its board of directors of the activities of the Qarjuit Youth Council on a regular basis; • Other roles, responsibilities and tasks as per the Board of Directors. - SECRETARY-TREASURER: Full-time position $65 000 /year • Overseeing the keeping of all of the Forum's correspondence and documents, with the exception of those that are exclusively related to financial issues; • Overseeing the keeping of the corporate records of the Council; • Giving all required notices of meetings of the Council; • Preparing and keeping the minutes of all the meetings of the Members of the Forum, of the Board of Directors and of the Executive Committee; • Keeping a register of all the Members of the Council; • Submitting an annual activity report to the Board of Directors; • Keep a record of attendance and ensure that the provisions of Section 4.04 b) are being enforced; • Supervising the collection and deposit of the funds of the Council; • Keeping a complete set of all financial records of the Council; • Keeping complete and accurate books of account of the Council; • Report to the BOD, on a monthly basis, on the use of the funds of the Council; • Supervising the Council's funds and ensuring that they are spent as authorized by the Board of Directors; • Preparing financial statements and submitting these financial statements to the Board of directors prior to the Annual General Meeting of the Council;